"Let us NOT seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."
  -- John F. Kennedy

Welcome to We-The-People-USA.com

We are an organization that provides an efficient way for you to have your voice heard LOUD and CLEAR -- by sending written faxes to Congress. A fax puts a hard copy of your message into a decision maker's hands, and is more effective than an email.

Faxes to your State Senators and Representative are FREE. For a small fee you may send faxes to other members of Congress. We currently have over 60 faxes to choose from. In addition to faxes, you may participate in our daily survey questions.

You may register either as an Associate (FREE) or Premium member. Premium membership costs $50/year, and gives you a $50 credit to be used for sending "fee required" faxes. You also can define the "Top Ten" issues facing America and promote these issues and resolutions to Congress, President and all Americans.

We need a membership that:

* Understands most issues span political parties.

* Knows partisanship must be stopped by "We The People".

* Focuses on issues and resolutions, NOT partisanship.

We need millions of politically active and open-minded
AMERICANS for a "We the People" success.